Sparkling Raspberry Hibiscus - Leilo Calm in a Can Kava

Sparkling Raspberry Hibiscus - Leilo Calm in a Can Kava

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- sweet, sassy, and never too serious … the summer fling even your parents can get behind
- playful raspberry and tangy hibiscus — each sip is a trip to simpler times
- non-alcoholic relaxation with kava and l-theanine

NON-ALCOHOLIC RELAXATION - Harnessing kava and l-theanine, Leilo provides a clinical dose of calm in each can. We use only the best all-natural ingredients and have made the health conscious consumer our priority: we’re halal, kosher, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and more. At only 40 calories, you could say we’re relaxation made responsible.

OUR STAR INGREDIENT: KAVA - Kava is found in the South Pacific and naturally provides uplifting relaxation and peace of mind. It has been used by islanders for thousands of years as a social lubricant and is now one of America's fastest growing botanical ingredients with over 180 kava bars nationwide. At Leilo, we use a clinically recommended quantity to ensure heightened relaxation in each can.