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Maitake and Blood Sugar

Maitake and Cholesterol

Cordyceps and Airways

Shiitake and Vitamin D

Runner's High 2021 Research

Runner's High Article


Cannabinoids and COVID Protection

GABA and Stress

GABA Fortified Tea Study

Maca and Moods


CBD for Dog Mobility

CBN and Sleep

CBD and Cigarettes

Magnesium L-Threonate

Apigenin 2

Apigenin 1

L-Theanine Information (with research links at bottom)

CBD and Athletes

2 Year CBD Review

Terpene Info 1

Terpene info 2

Red Reishi Comprehensive Study

Lion's Mane and Cognitive Improvement

Lion's Mane and Memory

Lion's Mane and Nerve Growth Factor

ATP and Performance

Cordyceps and ATP Production

Cordyceps and Lactic Acid

Cordyceps and Fatigue

CBD and Melanoma

CBD and Alzheimer's Disease (Summary Article)

CBD vs Hemp Seed Oil (Rheumatology study)

CBD and Scarring

CBD Addiction?

FDA Approval

CBD and Getting High

CBD and COVID related PTSD

CBD and Oxidative Stress

CBD and Adult Neurogenesis

CBD in Anxiety and Sleep: a A Large Case Study

Reshi Mushrooms and Inflammation

Reishi Mushrooms and the Immune System

Cordyceps Mushrooms as an Herbal Drug

Public Speaking and CBD

CBD and Blood Pressure Reduction

CBD and Blood Flow 

CBD and Pets

CBD Toxicity Levels

CBD and Anxiety

CBD Anxiolytic Effects for General Anxiety

CBD and Sleep

CBD, Cell Death and Cancer Research

CBD for Pancreatic Cancer Treatment


Therapeutic Effects of CBD

CBD and Chronic Pain

A Cross-Sectional Study of CBD Users