Rasta Bong 3D Drug Card
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Rasta Bong 3D Drug Card

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Inspire a bong rip bigger than the legend of Bob. This weed themed greeting card will make any reggae loving stoner skank harder than your dad at a destination wedding. The front cover features an illustrated bong in the famous Rastafarian colors: green, yellow and red. As that trusty pothead opens your pop up card, a nug-loaded bubbler will rise from the centerfold like a phoenix from Jamaican bong water. Could you be loved? Give 'em this 3d card and ya, mon. You just watch. Even the highest of ganja fiends will unmelt from the couch to appreciate you.

What's inside:
Card size: 5in x 7in(13cm x 18cm)
Envelope size: 5inx 7in (13cm x 18cm)
Note card for handwritten message: 4in x 6in (10cm x 15cm)

Illustrated bong & pot leaf on front cover Inside of card reveals pop up bong in Rasta colors