Cannibisism 3D Weed Card
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Cannibisism 3D Weed Card

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No good pothead ever runs dry on supply. This is for the dedicated.

Our 3d weed greeting card will give any blunt-loving smoker the headiest laugh since their first taste of the marijuana. The outside of this hilarious 420 card features a pot leaf and two crossed joints. It's basically a pirate flag for spliff-smoking escapists. As the not-so-lonely stoner opens your pop up greeting card, make sure they don't drop their joint when they see the cartoon pot leaf smoking itself into oblivion.

And if you really want to blow a mind, give it to em while they're high as sh*t. A super stoned pot leaf smoking itself. F***ing epic, maaaaaan.

What's inside:
Card size: 5in x 7in(13cm x 18cm)
Envelope size: 5inx 7in (13cm x 18cm)
Note card for handwritten message: 4in x 6in (10cm x 15cm)
Pot leaf and two crossed joints on cover
3d pop up pot plant smoking itself inside card