Our Logo

Our logo represents the 63rd hexagram from the I Ching, a 2,500 year old document also known as the Book of Changes. There are 64 different situations in the I Ching. Each one is indicated by a hexagram, which is a symbol made up by 6 lines, each of which can be broken or unbroken.  The broken lines are "yin," the unbroken lines "yang." Something is yin when it is feminine, dark, earthly, passive etc. and yang when it is masculine, light, heavenly, active etc. 

The top 3 lines and the bottom 3 lines each form trigrams. There are 8 possible trigrams, 1 for each of the elements: Wind, Water, Fire, Thunder, Earth, Heaven, Mountains, and Lake.

Our logo depicts the 63rd hexagram, which contains the trigrams for Water over Fire.


Water rains down while fire burns up, both pieces reaching out and influencing one another in perfect harmony. This hexagram, “After Completion,” symbolizes the need for balance at a time when it may feel like you’ve reached your goal. It stresses that ”completion is merely a pause in the cycle of creation and decay.” It’s a reminder that we must project in to the future and review our past in order to help manifest the best present.

It reminds us to continue striving for more, and avoid complacency, as change is the only constant.

SOOOO, how does this relate to our brand?

This hexagram drives our brand’s mission and core values. We’re constantly striving to find better, more sustainable solutions to fight complacency in our destruction of the environment without sacrificing the comforts we’ve come to love. We know we can do better, and we think people like you want to join us!