Smoke Cleanse Blend - Herbal Smoking Blend
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Smoke Cleanse Blend - Herbal Smoking Blend

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The urgency of needing to protect our lungs and come back to our breath has been so ever present in the last couple of years. I formulated this blend of organic botanicals to help fortify and cleanse your mind, body and spirit. There is organic mullien - a powerful botanical that even when smoked is restorative to your lungs. Organic motherwort is included for its calming benefits to the heart and Organic Yarrow is in this formulation to help relieve congestion and for its benefits of energetic protection.

Add a teaspoon to your favorite smoke medicines or use alone. A personal favorite is rolled into a blunt wrapped in CBD Hemp paper. You can also use this as a tea. Suggested brew time for this blend of herbs is 5-10mins.

Made with: Organic Mullien, Organic Motherwort, Organic Yarrow

The artwork was created by Kimberly Acebo Arteche. Kimberley Acebo Arteche (she/they) is an educator, cultural worker, and interdisciplinary artist. Arteche received her BFA from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and MFA from San Francisco State University, where she received the School of Art"s Distinguished Graduate award. She is the co-founder of Balay Kreative, a future Filipinx American Cultural Center providing artist sustainability and professional development programs in SOMA Pilipinas, and has served on Southern Exposure"s Curatorial Council, SOMA Pilipinas" Arts & Culture Committee, and was the Visual Arts curator for UNDISCOVERED SF. She is an adjunct professor of Photography at San Francisco State University's School of Art. Arteche is committed to collaboratively creating decolonial practices within arts institutions, while creating visibility and providing resources for emerging Asian Pacific American and BIPOC Artists.