Shiitake mushroom capsules
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Shiitake mushroom capsules

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Organic Shiitake Mushroom Supplements
Qty. 60 Vegan capsules. 500mg
Shiitake mushrooms are regarded as a good health promoting fungus that is rich in protein and short of fat. As a plant Lentinula Edodes (Shiitake) is believed by nutritionists to posses some properties of meat and has become a popular food around the world. Shiitake mushrooms have been used for thousands of years in Japan and China as a medicine as well as a food. The key ingredient is a polysaccharide known as lentinan.

" Particularly valuable for treating all forms of hepatitis, is anti-tumor, protects the liver and gene mutation prevention
" Helps lower blood levels of cholesterol and lipids
" Strengthens immunity
" Anti-aging
" Immunity booster

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