Moonlight Elixir CBD Honey Tincture
Moonlight Elixir CBD Honey Tincture
Golden Goddess

Moonlight Elixir CBD Honey Tincture

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This divine melange of local, unfiltered honey, cardamom, vanilla and CBD is a delightful way to integrate Cannabidiol into your diet. Add a spoonful to your smoothie, warm beverage or mixed drink for a relaxing mocktail. Drizzle on a yogurt bowl or dessert to create an instant "̏edible" or simply savor a spoonful anytime you want to stress less.

Golden Goddess Moonlight Elixir is gently heated to meld the deliciously intoxicating ingredients together and reduce alcohol content. Imbibe with intention, serve with love.

Suggested Serving: 1-2 teaspoons
Dosing: 1 TSP = 18 mg CBD