Feel More, Fake Less Puzzle

Feel More, Fake Less Puzzle

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Authentic feelings are part of our 2022 goals, and we are pretty sure your customers will agree. Featuring original and on trend mushroom and 70's vibe artwork.


We are so thrilled to be entering the world of puzzles! As avid puzzle doers ourselves, the pandemic has shown us that puzzles are not only popular, but that there is a big gap in the world of FUN puzzles!

These 16.5" x 22" 500 piece puzzles are the perfect addition to your store.

Gift, self care, novelty, game, group activity, all wrapped up in one high quality box.

Thick, high quality cardboard pieces make for an unforgettable puzzle experience! Hilarious/ on trend graphics are just ASKING to be brought up to register.

Featuring all original artworks, and an awesome price point, we are so proud of this product category.

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